MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – Are you a resident of Morgantown that wants to stay better connected? Or do you have an issue that you want the city to take a look at? Well, you no longer have to head over to Facebook to voice your concerns.

The City of Morgantown developed a new app for the community to stay informed, report issues and request services from the city.

The app is called ‘Morgantown 311’ and is free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The City of Morgantown worked alongside SeeClickFix for the project. Morgantown 311 was unveiled to the public on Monday.

Morgantown 311 App

The app has a plethora of different uses and functions. People can report issues on different levels, from a curb needing a new paint job to the app functioning as an arson and criminal hotline.

People who file requests or reports can be notified of updates after they submit them. For example, if you were to report a pothole on a certain street or a stoplight not working, you can receive updates throughout the process of the city acknowledging the problem all the way up to fixing it.

That’s not all the app can do.

“Not only does the app provide people with the way to stay updated on their request, but it also provides valuable resources such as our parking, our voting information, our social media accounts,” City of Morgantown Communications Specialist Hollie Gregory said. “There’s also a map for you that allows you to look around Morgantown and check out the other places where there are concerns in the community.”

The map has different color-coded pins to indicate different phases in the process. The blue pins mean the request is closed, the green pins mean the request has been acknowledged, and the orange pins mean the request is still open.

Gregory also mentioned some other valuable resources within the app:

  • the community calendar
  • a link to public parks
  • information on trash and recycling
  • reporting a crime

Officials hope that the website will be successful.

“The city is confident that it will be a success and the community will benefit from it quite a lot and it will help to keep our community a beautiful, safe and healthy place and we have a lot of confidence in it,” Gregory said.