MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WBOY) — Sundale Nursing Home in Monongalia County is looking for communities to help uplift its patients’ spirits for the holiday season.  

The nursing home and rehab center is starting up its annual Present for Patients program. 

Community members can sponsor a nursing home patient and get them a gift for Christmas. Some patients ask for items like clothing and electronics while others have simpler requests like shampoo or decorations for their rooms.  

Sundale Nursing Home (WBOY Image)

Staff at Sundale said most patients don’t expect the gift, but when they do get one, it’s nothing but excitement knowing that someone thought about them for the holidays.  

“People don’t realize that when you give a gift, it’s as much to you what it is to them, because the feeling when you give a gift and know the excitement that you’ve given to that person can really make a difference in their life,” Donna Tennant, Sundale nursing home admission director said.  

The Present for Patients program has been going on for nearly 30 years with the Sundale Nursing Home. Tennant aims to get all 500 of their patients at least one gift. Then, if the need is greater, they help other nursing homes secure gifts for their patients as well.  

Those who want to participate in the program can call Sundale Nursing Home directly to be matched with a patient at 304-599-0496. 

Presents can be dropped off to give to the patients anonymously during the Christmas party in December or people can come inside and meet their patients face-to-face to give them their gift.