MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The annual Morgantown Glass Show is being held at the Westover VFW showcasing many glass pieces from Morgantown and the surrounding area.

Entry to the glass show is $5 per person, or $4 if you bring the show card. On Saturday night, there will be an auction of glass pieces open to the public. Glass enthusiasts said there is something for everyone at the show to look at and purchase.

“So many factories and things are gone, and it is gone by the wayside, and I hate to see it lose its popularity. We have found the history of several workers, and they give life to what our glass is,” Leora Leasure, Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Guild, said.

Representatives from the Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Guild said they have seen people from different states stop by the glass show, and every year they see more people who are local and have a connection with an area glass company.

“It was 1899 it [Morgantown Glass] was started, it closed its doors in 1971. This is what we originally celebrated,” Leasure said. “But, we also celebrate every glass company in the area. Seneca is one of our favorites too. We have some glass cases down in the Seneca Center displaying some of our wares, and we are hoping to someday reopen our museum.”

Leasure also said that their glass museum had to close its doors in the last economic recession, but they are looking forward to opening another one. If you missed the show, you could still catch them on Sunday afternoon.