MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Orangetheory Fitness, self-described scientifically-backed exercise studio, has opened its first location in Morgantown.

It is one of three in the entire state and is operated by three franchisees Alissa Higgins, Matthew Higgins and Brock Meadows.

The studio had been open to the public since January 3, but had their ribbon-cutting ceremony January 10 when they received a certificate from the Morgantown Area Partnership.

“We have a clear mission here to help people stop spinning their wheels, wasting their time and under performing their potential,” owner Brock Meadows said. “We know the physical state of the state and the need for improvement, it starts right here in our community with one person at a time and showing them a way that they can absolutely start living up to their potential, overcoming those obstacles and excuses we all have and to start gaining more life.”

“More Life”, is the company’s motto and Meadows said it means gaining whatever is most important to you out of life. He said the state ranks at the bottom of many lists when it comes to measuring health and that is why he and his partners are excited to open a studio, to help chip away at some of the health issues.

Meadows said he has been a certified strength and conditioning coach as well as a nutritionist for more 20 years. He said he has worked with the ‘average joe’, collegiate level athletes, NFL players, adults and a wide variety of clients.

“This is for everybody and there’s no excuse we can’t help them overcome and again this is a place that can meet you where you’re at,” Meadows said. “If you’re just a walker we’ll walk, if you’re a jogger, a sprinter, a marathon, you’re an elite athlete–we have rowers for power we have the treadmills that are state of the art for endurance. And we have the strength floor for the much-needed resistance training to maintain and build a healthy body.”

Meadows said your first class at Orangetheory is free and that there is no obligation to join. So far, he said, the response from the community has been amazing and that he’s looking forward to helping people achieve their goals.