MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Planters NutMobile is on the streets of Morgantown, West Virginia from Monday until Wednesday, according to the Planters website.

“Morganstown” is listed as the first stop on the tour, which is likely meant to be Morgantown. The vehicle will be patrolling the Morgantown area until it goes to its next destination, Champaign, Illinois, though the website notes that the schedule is continuously changing and that more stops will be added.

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The Planters website says the tradition of the NutMobile goes back to 1935 and describes the 26-foot long peanut-car as a “nutty experience that brings people together.” Planters is known for its off-the-wall marketing campaigns, like when the company killed off its mascot Mr. Peanut in a car accident during the 2020 Super Bowl, only for him to be reborn as a baby peanut by the end of the game.