MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man after a police chase that ended in Pennsylvania.

On May 18, Monongalia County deputies were dispatched to a welfare check at Olive Church on Mason Dixon Highway in Core.  Dispatchers told a deputy that a man was passed out in a pickup truck, and he had been there for approximately two hours.  EMS workers arrived on scene before law enforcement and advised that it looked to be a drug overdose.

EMS workers relayed to dispatch that the man brandished a knife when they woke him up, and they were backing away from him and asking the deputy to get on scene quickly, according to a criminal complaint.  EMS then advised that the man, later identified as Tommy Eddy III, 23, of Westover, was driving away in the pickup truck toward Blacksville, according to the sheriff’s office.

The responding deputy got behind the truck as they passed through Pentress.  The deputy had his emergency lights and siren activated, but Eddy refused to pull over, and instead increased his speed and started driving more aggressively, according to a criminal complaint.  The deputy also determined that Eddy appeared to be driving impaired, as he would speed up to approximately 75 mph, then slam on the brakes down to approximately 50 mph, before speeding up again, deputies said.

At different times, Eddy drove into the oncoming lane of traffic, and at other times, he drove off the road.  At one point, Eddy nearly ran an oncoming vehicle off the road, according to a criminal complaint.  As they entered Blacksville at approximately 50 mph, Eddy slowed down, turned onto Washington Street and hit a guardrail, nearly losing control of the truck, deputies said. 

The deputy saw Eddy moving around inside the truck, so the deputy turned on his spotlights to get a better look at him, as the deputy said he feared Eddy was trying to get a weapon, according to a criminal complaint.  Eddy continued until he crossed into Pennsylvania.

Once across the state line, Eddy continued driving at high speed and weaving from one side of the road to the other.  Eventually, Eddy turned down a dirt road, which was mostly mud and grass, according to the sheriff’s office.  The deputy said there was a gate at the entrance to the property, and there were signs that resembled Pennsylvania State Game Land signs.  The deputy said it became difficult to steer because of deep mud on the road, which was more of an ATV trail, according to a criminal complaint.

The deputy stated that he pursued the truck for a little more than a mile on this road, but he eventually stopped for fear of burying his cruiser in mud or crashing it because of the rough road conditions, according to the sheriff’s office.  The truck then crested a hill and crashed into an embankment, and Eddy ran away, according to a criminal complaint.

After a tow truck arrived and took the vehicle, they pulled over to further secure the pickup truck.  At that time, a witness stated that he knew the owner of the truck, telling law enforcement that he had previously seen Eddy driving it.  When the deputy looked for Eddy in the sheriff’s office’s system, he said there was no doubt that Eddy is the man who fled from him, according to a criminal complaint. 

Eddy is charged with fleeing from an officer.