WESTOVER, W.Va. – Pressley Ridge is celebrating $10 million that was given to the organization by philanthropist Mackenzie Scott. 

Pressley Ridge supports youth and families with mental health services, foster care, residential treatment, and specialized education programs in six states, one of which is West Virginia. 

Pressley Ridge (Facebook Pressley Ridge)

Part of the funds will go towards expanding programs and fill gaps in services to help further address challenges that are either not funded or underfunded in the state. Organization leaders have not decided on a definitive portion of the donation that will go to West Virginia, but Susanne Cole, Pressley Ridge President and COE said they have a new strategic plan that the funds will support.

“The plan really helps us look at ways in which to address racial equity and disparities that we might see, our strategic plan focuses on making sure that our staff have the best clinical trainings, interventions available to them to help serve kids and families in our community with really complex issues,” Cole said.  

Cole said they were shocked and surprised by the donation from Mackenzie Scott. 

“I think it’s a real tribute to our staff to be recognized for the work that we do in our communities and the outcomes that we produce for kids and families. And so, for us, it’s really a nice recognition about not only for Pressley Ridge but also for the other nonprofits about how important it is to have organizations like all of us helping those that need it in our communities,” Cole said.  

The $10 million donation is the single largest donation the organization has ever received in its 190 years.