Even though our government is starting to enforce immigration laws, some in West Virginia are beginning to speak up and fight back.

Several different faith communities from around the area gathered at the Church of the Brethren in Morgantown to discuss their views on immigration and refugees in the states.

This was an open discussion for anyone in the community wanting to stand up for what they believe in.

Attendee Geoff Hilsabeck said many different religious speakers were in attendance to talk about the different opportunities for their voices to be heard on this issue.

“We wanted to be together to reflect on what we share within our traditions, within our hearts and think about how we can make this country and this world more welcoming for persecuted people,” said Hilsabeck.

Religious leaders from the event say their goal is to spark the conversation about the current laws on immigration and refugees throughout the state.

There will be a national rally held on Friday on this issue and will be held at seven different locations throughout the state, the closest being in Clarksburg at noon.