MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Presented by the Morgantown Roller Derby League, the annual Jingle Brawl returns to Morgantown after a three-year pause due to the pandemic.

The 2022 Jingle Brawl brought in skaters from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, and Ohio.

Roller Derby is a full-contact sport on roller skates where you’re trying to get as many points as possible with each jam.

Hundreds of spectators watched this year’s brawl inside the Mylan Park Ruby Community Center in Monongalia County.

“Morgantown Roller Vixens is a really special community here in Morgantown, I feel like it’s one of the best-kept secrets in our county,” said Nicole ‘Judgement Dame’ Carline, Jingle Brawl Organizer, “we love each other so much, we love Morgantown, and we love West Virginia, so just keep an eye out for us, come say hi to us, give us a high five and follow us on Facebook, and just support us, as we try to support as many people as we possibly can.”

The 2022 Jingle Brawl was dedicated to Wendy “Thunder Kitty” Lambert who suddenly passed away in February 2022, and a portion of the proceeds raised were donated to Morgantown Pride.

When asking “Judgement Dame” what her favorite thing about roller derby is she said, “The real heartfelt answer is just the community is so supportive and wonderful, and you couldn’t ask for better friends truly, the fun answer is you get to hit people and not get in trouble, so we are a sport that likes to leave it on the track, we’ll come in and hit hard, we’ll play hard and then we go and grab a drink or hangout after and say ‘Great job, that was awesome.'”

If you are interested in roller derby you can find out more information about the Roller Vixens on their Facebook group by clicking here.

“We’re an extremely inclusive group, we try to make it a space where anybody who wants to explore roller derby or just wants to make friends and find a community to give them a space for that,” Carline said.

You can find the Morgantown Roller Derby by clicking here.