MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The mystery behind the anonymous donor who puts a $1,000 bill into the Salvation Army’s red kettle every year has gotten even more mysterious.

For the last 42 years in a row, a generous donor has put a crisp $1,000 bill into one of the many kettles you’ve probably seen outside of retail stores. The Salvation Army said it has not seen the generous donor’s traditional gift yet this year.

“I believe that this year would be the 43rd year,” said Salvation Army Lieutenant Sheldon Greenland. “However, we haven’t received that $1,000 bill just yet. So we’re a little bit concerned that the person who does it, because we don’t know who it is, hopefully, they are well, hopefully, their family is doing well, but we haven’t received it. So we’re just a little bit like, is it coming in this year? Because it is something that is truly a blessing to us and has been for a long time.”

The thousand-dollar bill was discontinued in 1969 and features President Grover Cleveland on its face.