MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As of Monday, Oct. 18, the Salvation Army of Marion, Monongalia and Preston Counties is now serving brunch at Hope Cafe.

Lt. Sheldon Greenland, who helps to run the nonprofit, said brunch will be served Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Just like dinner, it will be served at Hope Cafe, the Salvation Army’s new dining location. Hope Cafe is in what is known as Hazel’s House of Hope, a one-stop shop for social services.

People eating brunch at Hope Cafe (WBOY image)

“We are very excited to be launching our brunch service because this is just a step forward into the ultimate plan for us to be able to provide maybe three meals per day as the need continues,” Greenland said. “Because once all the entities are in Hazel’s House of Hope, the Salvation Army will be able to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to all the various people who will be housed here, or being catered to here, so that we can continue to serve our community with excellence.”

Greenland said the first day of brunch service went “really well”. They had around 10 people stop by to eat food such as breakfast sandwiches, eggs and tomato soup.

The goal, Greenland said, is to serve as many people as possible during brunch, but he knows that will take some time.

Man being served brunch at Hope Cafe (WBOY image)

The Salvation Army served meals in downtown Morgantown for more than 30 years, so it’s hard for people to get accustomed to a change of location. Plus, Greenland said, this is a whole new meal, at a new time.

“But, we’re looking forward to more people coming, as more people know that we’re open Monday through Friday from 11-12:30 for brunch,” Greenland said.

Hazel’s House of Hope is a collaborative effort, Greenland said, so when more people become aware of this fact and start using the different services, they will turn to the Salvation Army for meals.

Hazel’s House of Hope, on Scott Ave.

“There’s supposed to be the sobriety piece in there, so they would need breakfast when those folks are leaving,” Greenland said. “There will be a drug rehabilitation piece in here, at some point and other various entities that are going to need the meals at specific times.”

Greenland said he would like to make it clear that anyone in need of a meal is welcome to Hope Cafe. You don’t have to be receiving services from Hazel’s House.

“The meals we provide, it’s not just for the homeless, it is for anyone, so if you need brunch, you’re welcome to come on down,” he said. “If you need dinner, you are more than welcome to come on down. There are no income guidelines or anything for the meals we serve. It is open for anyone.”

If you feel encouraged by the work the Salvation Army is doing and want to support it, Greenland said you can.

Every donation you make to the organization stays in the community and helps to fund programs like Hope Cafe.

Just continue to support what the Salvation Army does,” Greenland said. “It’s almost bell ringing season. We’re looking forward to it and for more volunteers again and we’re just looking to have another great season and look out for our Gratitude Gala, which will be a virtual event happening October 29th.”