MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Salvation Army held its Christmas Dinner at the Hazel House of Hope in Morgantown Sunday.

For more than 100 years the Salvation Army of Morgantown has been helping those who are in need.

On Sunday, it served Christmas dinner inside Hope Café that consisted of ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, pies and much more.

“I always say that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s is like the loneliest part of the year for many people, so if you’re alone come on out, sit down with a group of people and have a meal with us, and have some fellowship, talk, laugh, joke around whatever you want to do,” said Capt. Dennis Smith, Morgantown Salvation Army Officer, “My mom was homeless when she was just a little child all by herself and she had to fight for food, so it kind of hits home to feed others who are just so less fortunate that they can’t find food, so we want to make sure to give them something to eat.”

The Salvation Army of Morgantown served about 200 meals to those in need on Christmas Day and is open to anyone, serving free meals year round.

“Here we are doing something for one day, we’re making a meal for Christmas, but hunger doesn’t really have a season it goes 365 days and we serve meals 365 days, our goal is to never stop cooking, because of that we are in need of volunteers, were in need of food and when I say food light things in large quantities, like a case of baked beans, but not just one can,” said Capt. Smith.

The Salvation Army of Morgantown is always in need of help with volunteers, food donations, and financial donations. To help support and find out more information about the Salvation Army of Morgantown click here.