GRANVILLE, W.Va. — For the 43rd consecutive year, the Salvation Army in Monongalia County has received a $1,000 bill.

Last year’s donation was made at a JC Penney kettle, while this year’s donation arrived at Bass Pro Shops.

The Salvation Army says donations are down 40% this year because it couldn’t find enough bell ringers.

Salvation Army member, Lt. Sheldon Greenland said, “This thousand dollar donation is such an important donation that we continue to serve our community with all the emergency assistance that we offer. All the food, all the clothing, everything that we do. Of course, this is not the donation that we receive. Any donation, even the pennies, the ten cents, whatever people can give. Everything adds up and we are turning that right back into the community to serve our community.”

To make a donation, just contact your local Salvation Army.