MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is on a visit to the Mountain State on Thursday and Friday. Accompanied by Sen. Joe Manchin, D–W.Va., Granholm will take a tour through some of West Virginia’s energy sector.

In a press conference on Thursday, the two, along with Rep. David McKinley, R–W.Va., and local energy leaders, announced a partnership to help supply steel to an offshore wind vessel that will supply West Virginia with clean energy.

A key theme from those who spoke at the press conference was the emphasis on creating jobs in West Virginia through this partnership.

“We’re all about jobs. As the president said, when he hears the word ‘climate,’ he translates it into jobs, and that’s what we’re here to hear from West Virginians about what we should be doing as a partner on the federal side to make sure that jobs are created here in clean energy.”

Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm

“What people in West Virginia are looking for is hope. They want our children to be able to find hope and dreams and be able to stay here in this area. This could be the beginning in this transition how that might be able to be carried out.”

Rep. McKinley

Granholm will continue her tour of West Virginia’s energy sector on Friday. She and Manchin will tour the National Energy Technology Laboratory and the West Virginia University Energy Institute for Rare Elements lab.