CHEAT LAKE, W.Va. – A service dog is still missing after she and her family were involved in a car accident in Monongalia County on Saturday.

Heidi is a smaller sized German Shepherd/Deerhound mix with a bit of a crooked tail and was last seen in the Cheat Lake area near Route 43. She has been loose since about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Heidi is wearing a purple collar with white reflectors and a rabies tag from Colorado. She has been spotted near the accident area on a “Ring Camera,” eating cat food, and with other dogs, but ran when the other dogs were called. During this sighting on Sunday, Heidi still appeared to be uninjured.

Her family was crossing the West Virginia line when Matthew DeMaris fell unconscious, and their truck began to roll. Bridget Spangler, Heidi’s mom, was holding on to Heidi as the truck continued to roll, but had to let go to slam the vehicle into park. As this was happening, Heidi jumped out of the passenger side window. The last time her owners saw her was at the overpass at the Pennsylvania and West Virginia state line.

Ways that Heidi can be approached is by getting down on her level and not yelling her name. Spangler informed that yelling can make Heidi think she is in trouble. She loves chasing laser lights, eating human food, being around other dogs, and receiving treats.

The owners are not from the area and are staying until their seizure alert dog is found. They have been struggling with funds to continue using Uber and paying for their motel to look for her. If anyone can donate to GoFundMe, you can find the link here.

Anyone with information or wanting to join the search for Heidi can reach out to 12 News on Facebook or email us at, and we will connect you with the owner.