STAR CITY, W.Va. (WBOY) — On Monday night, the Star City Council will hold an emergency meeting to appoint an acting mayor. According to officials, this comes in the wake of the current mayor, Herman Reid, taking some time off due to health concerns.

According to Star City Code 133.01, the town recorder is supposed to fulfill the duties of the mayor if an event like this were to occur.

“The Recorder shall, in the absence from the Town or in the event of the sickness or inability of the Mayor, or during any vacancy in the office of Mayor, perform all the duties of the Mayor and be invested with all his powers allowed by law.”

Star City Code 133.01

According to Star City officials, Steve Blinco, the current recorder, is expected to decline the additional duties due to his full-time job and coaching commitment with Morgantown High School. As a result, the council will have to appoint an acting mayor.

“At the meeting, there will be a first reading and adoption of an edit to one of our ordinances that allows for the recorder to say he will not be able to do it and then for council to act by appointing another,” said Lea Hassler.

For Star City’s June 7 election, the position of mayor will be on the ballot. The emergency meeting takes place at 6 p.m. in Star City’s Town Hall.