MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Morgantown Art Association (MAA) is hosting a watercolor workshop at its gallery that started on Aug. 22 and will run until Aug. 25.

Professional water media artist and author, Sterling Edwards, will be helping teach the class different types of watercolor painting throughout the week. Every day that the workshop is held, it will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Monday, the class completed a landscape watercolor painting, Tuesday will be the day the complete a floral painting, Wednesday will a total abstract, and Thursday, they will conclude with another abstract painting but it will be different.

Within’ the past 10 years, the association has been trying to bring in more known artists to teach the classes. The workshops started out as an annual type of event, but now the MAA is doing three to four workshops a year. Next year they will have an artist from Australia, and the year after, they will be bringing in somebody from England.

The MAA is a non-profit organization that promotes art education, and works closely with the retirement community. Witt mentioned that it is a relaxing, judgmental free zone, and the retired community absolutely loves to participate in the education and fun aspect.

When discussing why having these classes for members of the community, gallery and exhibit director, Susan Witt said, “I think it gives people an outlet, for their, skill, for their emotion, just to get out for the social atmosphere of it all’s very important also. I think that a lot of times, um, people just kind of feel once they retire, “oh what am I gonna do?” well come, and see what we’ve got!”

Art is hanged once a month in the gallery. One wall in the gallery is currently dedicated to a watercolor class that is held every Monday and Tuesday. The association works with people that have a variety of skill sets, whether students are beginners or more skilled than others. Within’ the gallery, visitors can find jewelry, art, pottery, and photography photos.

Witt feels that art programs are not implemented in the best ways in schools. She also believes that not a lot of people understand how important that outlet can be for people, especially the youth.

The next MAA workshop will be in September, and as of now it is also sold out, but those who sign up can still be put on a waitlist if there is an opening. For those interested in future events, you can click here for more information.