MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — “Gallery 304” hosted its fourth “West Virginia Vintage Festival” of the year at the Monongalia County Center on Oct. 23 between 12-8 p.m.

Around forty-five vendors were in attendance, selling a variety of vintage clothes, shoes, hats and so much more. Vendors came from West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. A few of them included:

  • CM Vintage WV
  • Scott Supply
  • Gallery 304
  • Ramblin’ Van Vintage
  • Keystone Clothing
  • Cernoch’s Connection
  • Very Rare Vintage
  • Rag + Bone Vintage
  • Saylor’s Sneakers

The first festival was held in August of 2021 in Star City, when founder, Nathaniel Hart, realized that there was not anything like it in West Virginia. He has sold vintage items for years and wanted to find a way to expand the vintage community for residents. He said, “I think it’s cool too in Morgantown ’cause it’s kinda like the demographic is perfect because vintage is like so popular with college students and younger people especially. It’s something that is kinda like, not super accessible. So i think it’s cool to be able to bring these and make it accessible, where you can kinda like, just walk in and find the super cool stuff that you don’t really see a lot.”

There has been three festivals this year so far, one in March, which was at Hotel Morgan, August in Star City and now October at Mylan Park. Hart mentioned that he is wanting to have at least three festivals a year, because it only keeps growing. He also said that he liked the Monongalia county center and hopes to see if they can host the festival there again in the future.

To start the festival out, Hart invited vintage vendors that he had already knew of to take part. Since it was successful, Hart decided to continue hosting the festivals, and it only grew and grew as more vendors asked him to join the festival.

There were also food vendors who attended the festival so that customers could replenish their energy while shopping. Well really, just so shoppers would not actually “shopped till the dropped.”

If you are interested in future festival events, you can find more information on the festival’s Instagram.