MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – For several years, Trinity Christian School in Morgantown has held an assembly to honor local soldiers on Veterans Day. However, 2020 created many challenges when planning this event.

The school instead held a parade with the same entire school effort but still allowing them to thanks veterans in a socially distant way.

“We still give them poppies and the certificates from the Veterans Auxiliary. The children have made cards, we have flags, and you can probably hear the music in the background. We pre-recorded all their music that we normally play in our assembly,” said Science Department Chair at Trinity Christian School, Lois Campbell.

The school sent information about the event to each family and put posts in the local newspapers, so all veterans in the Monongalia County area could celebrate the holiday.

“You know, the kids were really disappointed because we have done this tradition for years, and our 6th-grade students are the hosts,” said Campbell. “They have always done it, and they thought they couldn’t do it this year. So, the fact that they can actually see the veterans and say thank you to them, they are very excited, and they are so grateful they are able to share with them today.”

The school’s annual celebration is a way not only to say thank you to veterans who served but a way for the students to understand what community means and what the brave men and women had to do to earn America’s freedom.

“We try to talk about that a lot in our classrooms. In the last couple of weeks, all the students have been getting ready, K-12, either making cards, or making gift bags, and making banners,” Campbell said. “They work together, and they know it’s for their community, and that’s what’s really important to them.”

The event was held from 10:15 a.m. until 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. Several veterans showed up stuck around in the parking lot to listen to all the songs they sang and recorded.