Tucker’s Treasures is transforming the shopping experience for those in the Morgantown area


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Tucker’s Treasures, a liquidation pallet business, opened its doors in November 2020 and now it has grown to a scale the owners cannot imagine. But what exactly is a liquidation pallet business?

“We buy liquidation pallets from different companies, some of the larger retailers,” Owner Brittany Fink said. “We break them down and sell them piece by piece. We saw in the area that there was a need for discounted furniture, rugs, and home goods, so we really focused on that as our main bread and butter.”

Fink (left) sitting in Tucker’s Treasures’ warehouse

Fink co-owns the business with her husband Cody Loughry who makes sure everything they sell is in tip-top shape. He said he simply cannot believe something his wife did on a whim has turned into a real business.

“I had no idea that this was going to turn into what it has turned into,” Loughry said. “But we definitely see a need in this area for very high-quality merchandise, furniture pieces, and things like that. Yeah, it’s turned out really well. We’re just — every day it’s something new, something exciting that we’re kind of diving into. But never thought it was going to turn into something like this, this fast. “

A few months into the endeavor, the couple already has a website and a strong Facebook presence. In fact, they host a “power hour” on Facebook to sell furniture. They say it has been a huge success.

Things are going so well that Tucker’s Treasures had to move from a storage unit to a warehouse space. Now, Fink said, that warehouse space is not enough.

A look at a portion of the warehouse floor

And neither is just relying on her own labor, that of her husband and the couple of interns they have. Instead, she said, they will be looking to hire employees to lessen the workload.

Reaching this point feels surreal for Loughry and Fink. They say they couldn’t do it without their regulars and everyone who has given them a chance.

“If it weren’t for them, obviously, none of this would be happening, so anything we can do to help serve and help the community out,” Loughry said. “If they save a couple dollars here and there, they might be able to spend it going out to dinner with their family or something. It’s definitely a good thing for everybody.”

Loughry and interns working on quality control

Another way Tucker’s Treasures is hoping to benefit the community is through its scavenger hunt on March 20. It will be a citywide event involving teams of two. The price per team will be $40 and registration is through the Facebook page.

Teams will receive a crossword puzzle, have to travel to different businesses and sites in Morgantown and the first team back to the warehouse wins. The winners will receive one whole pallet with approximately $1,500 of merchandise.

“It’s a really good thing to kind of get people active in the community and a part of something outdoors,” Loughry said.

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