MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Westfield Insurance Foundation partnered with the United Security Agency/Bond Insurance to donate $5,000 to the West Virginia Women Work (WVWW) as part of its”Legacy of Caring” program.

This check presentation took place Thursday morning at the West Virginia Women Work facility in Westover.

West Virginia Women Work is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, that runs “Step Up For Women” which teaches construction, skill trades and job-seeking skills in Morgantown and Charleston. It is grant and donation funded only with a mission to empower women and their education and employment.

The funds it received from the United Security Agency will be used for the “Step Up For Women” program, supplies and tool belts for graduates of the program. That way, when students graduate, they have the tools ready to get out there and work.

WVWW Executive Director Carol Phillips said she was very happy to receive the donation.

“It was wonderful when Jay (Pallotta) called and said, ‘Hey we’ve nominated you, would you be interested in this?'” Phillips said. “I was really excited to know that someone else in the community was thinking about the organization as much as me. So to be nominated, was absolutely wonderful. And then to win, obviously, was a lot more wonderful. Much needed.”

Jay Pallotta, an agent at the United Security Agency, said he thinks that it is important for the WVWW organization because it provides an essential benefit “Step Up” program. The agency wants to support the initiative that Women Work is promoting.

Every year, Westfield chooses an insurance agent to nominate a local nonprofit to be given a donation by the program. More than 100 nonprofits in cities within Westfield’s national footprint have received grants. Across the country, the “Legacy of Caring” program donated $625,000 to nonprofits that help families overcome education, finance, housing, and job barriers.

Westfield has mentioned that it is proud to work with its independent agents in distributing more than $3.5 million since 2015.

If you are a woman interested in learning about trades, WVWW is taking applications for a free class that will start at the end of August or early September.