MORGANTOWN WVa. – For some families, winter is their favorite season, but for others there’s nothing enjoyable about it.

Many families cannot afford to buy winter clothes and as a result face hardship in the colder months of the year. United Way of Monogalia and Preston counties is teaming up with local businesses to help tackle that issue.

Three Clear Mountain Bank locations, The Dominion Post and Fairmont Credit Union will all have a tub or barrel in their lobby, where donations can be dropped off, until January 15.

“New to gently used clothing is typically the best thing we try to ask of people,” Servando Arredondo said.

Arredondo is the engagement manager for United Way and says their goal this year is to collect 2,000 clothing items including: hats, coats, gloves and scarves. He said all donations go to local clothing closets and pantries.

It is important for United Way to meet their goal, but Arredondo said it is more important for the donations are durable.

“We get stuff that’s got holes in it and it doesn’t really provide the function that it’s meant to provide,” Arredondo said.