Bikes on display for children to choose

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – On Thursday at the Mountaineer Mall, the Children’s Charity, Variety, donated six free adaptive bikes to families with children with special needs through its West Virginia distribution partner PlayWorks.

Jessica and Kyle Dresmon, whose son Ben receives treatment at PlayWorks, were excited and appreciative that their son could receive a gift that would be truly life-changing. Jessica said Ben rides an adaptive bike every week when he goes to PlayWorks, and once they found out they could apply for one, they jumped on board.

“We’re so thankful and grateful that we’re able to do this for him because it’s going to boost his energy, his confidence, get him a little bit of exercise at the same time and get us all out to see stuff outside,” Jessica Dresmon said. “I think that’s one of the best parts of it so that he’s not staring at a tablet all day.”

Her husband, Kyle, echoed her sentiment.

“We’re extremely appreciative of everything that PlayWorks and Variety of Pittsburgh has done for us,” Kyle Dresmon said. “As you can see, he’s really enjoying riding around the mall here. Just can’t wait to get him out in the woods and maybe on the road hopefully and see what happens.”

The Dresmon family said they were thrilled with the collaboration between the two organizations but were especially thankful for PlayWorks. It’s because PlayWorks has done so much for their son, and it’s through the organization that their son got a free adaptive bike.

Child testing out his new bike

“We’re just thankful and grateful for PlayWorks, to be honest,” Jessica Dresmon said.

Again, her husband agreed.

“You can see the smile on his face,” Kyle said.

Parents wanting to replicate the joy of receiving a free adaptive bike by applying online through their website.