MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The United Steelworkers Union and Viatris have reached an agreement on the closure of the company’s Chestnut Ridge plant.

USW Local 8-957 members losing their jobs in the closure will receive a severance package from the company including pay and benefits.

Those terms were announced in statements from both organizations on Friday.

The USW and other state officials had since been working with Viatris to try to keep the plant operational.

In its statement, Viatris said it will continue to work with state officials and others “to try to identify viable alternatives for the site outside of the company’s network.”

USW Vice President of Human Affairs Fred Redmond called the plant’s closure a “tragic decision,” saying “We will continue fighting for these members and their community and do everything we can to ease the burden of this transition.”

Viatris announced the closure in December as part of “a global, multi-site restructuring initiative.”