MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Monongalia County water and sewer infrastructure upgrade took over 60 hours to plan and hopes to leave an impact even 40 to 50 years down the road.

“This is one of the most important projects we could be working on,” Monongalia County Commissioner Sean Sikora said.

The project hopes to improve the water and sewage infrastructure in the western half of the county.

“This is exactly what we need to expand,” Monongalia County Commissioner Jeffrey Arnett said.

Notable highlights from the projects:

Water – provides service to Westover and Chaplin Hill areas.

  • New 859,000-gallon water storage tank.
  • New 24″ pipe installed to replace a 12″ one installed in 1978.
  • Upgrade of Chaplin Hill Booster Station.

Sewer – provides service area to Scott’s Run, Osage and Chaplin Hill Areas.

  • Adding a new 8″ pipe.
  • Lift station upgrade.

Monongalia County Commission President Tom Bloom said that this project will help bring people and businesses to that area of the county.
“We will now be able to go out and solicit businesses, housing developments, other small facilities to come into Monongalia County and the western end and say ‘We already have the capacity for water and sewerage,'” Bloom said. “Now you’ve heard we’re working on broadband so you know we would be able to compete nationally.”

Multiple groups have worked on this project with the Commission, including the Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) and WestRidge. The total project looks to cost $14,063,000 – sewer upgrades will be approximately $6,838,000, while water upgrades will cost $7,225,000.

WestRidge, MUB and the Commission are each paying $3,687,667 towards the project, while extra funding will come from another avenue.