MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — A fourth-grade student at Anna Jarvis Elementary School in Grafton was rescued by his classmate during a field trip to the Mylan Park Aquatics Center after he began having a seizure in the water.

Mark Vincent, a fourth grader at Anna Jarvis Elementary, said he saw his classmate, Rex Crawford, lying in the water showing signs of a seizure.

“I pulled him next to the [poolside] and an adult lifted him out,” Mark said. “It was just a nerve in my body that wanted to go help him. Like, life flashed before my eyes, and I’m thankful God put me there at that hour.”

Rex said the experience was “pretty scary,” but said it had happened to him before at a different indoor pool. Mark’s mother, Kerra Poling, said her son isn’t a complete stranger to these kinds of situations because she has experienced epileptic seizures in the past, which is why she believes her own son was so quick to act.

“I just want [people] to know, if you have any friends who have seizures sometimes, make sure to help them,” Mark said. “If you see anyone drowning or unconscious, save them straight away, because something bad can happen if you don’t.”

The two boys said they have only known each other this past school year, but as thanks, Rex got Mark a new toy T. rex.