MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Inventors from all across West Virginia met in Morgantown on Tuesday for this year’s 3rd meeting of the minds.

The West Virginia Inventors Society is made up of entrepreneurs, inventors and small businesses who all come together to share their ideas.

Tuesday’s event provided a public forum where inventors could talk about their idea and get feedback and help through the whole process to make their idea come to life.

“We’re trying to work together with these different organizations and state and local government agencies too, to bring all these services together to help people understand that they are not alone, they can get their business idea off and running. There is a big network of other entrepreneurs out there and service providers to support them,” said Derek Scarbro, deputy director with the Robert C. Byrd Institute at Marshall University.

Inventors like Linwood Hamilton start with an idea, like helping with losing doctors five to ten years early due to lower back issues.

Hamilton’s idea came from mechanics with how they lean over on a fender. So, he created a device a doctor can adjust and wear to lean on when they are bent over.

“I just invent things, when somebody told me there is a problem my brain just goes to a solution, and about three seconds I thought I would just make a suit and have them lean against it,” said Hamilton, one of the starters of the West Virginia Inventors Society

Hamilton talked about how you have to be dedicated to invent something, and you’re going to need assistance to know what to do, as it took him two years to get his idea to where it is today.

“As a state we just need to get our young minds involved and that is what this society is encouraging people to do, bring your ideas to the society, we’re not going to steal them we’re going to help you push forward and hopefully be successful with it,” said Hamilton.

Another inventor, Mitch Wood, who is the owner of Powerwash Bros, had an idea for a device that lets you clean your house without a pressure washer.

“This is an RCBI event and they are the ones that helped me prototype this, I wouldn’t have this right here if it wasn’t for RCBI,” said Wood, “It’s also a safety thing, people are falling off ladders every year trying to pressure wash, with this you don’t need a ladder to pressure wash.”

Tuesday’s meeting at Renyolds Hall on the WVU campus was the very first meeting outside of Charleston and was meant to help those who live in the northern part of West Virginia.

To find out more information about the West Virginia Inventors Society, click here.