GRANVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) — With Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile making stops throughout north central West Virginia, you may have plenty of questions. 12 News Reporter/Anchor Riley Holsinger spotted it in Granville and “ketchup’d” with Oscar Mayer spokesperson “Ketchup Kaitlyn” to answer them for you.

Question: Why is it in West Virginia?

Answer: For promotional events and “to share miles and miles of smiles.”

Q: Where will it be next so I can take a photo with it?

A: On Thursday, March 30, it will be at Kroger in Clarksburg at 102 Emily Dr. On Friday, March 31, it will be at Kroger on Earl Core Rd in the Saberton neighborhood of Morgantown. On Saturday, April 1, it will be at Kroger on Suncrest Towne Center Drive in Morgantown.

The Wienermobile will be at each location from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can stay up to date on planned stops on the “WhereMyDog” page on the Oscar Mayer website.

Otherwise, you may run into it purely out of luck as Riley did!

Riley Holsinger stands next to the Weinermobile (WBOY – Image)

Q: How long will it be in the area?

A: The last listed stop in the area is on Saturday. It moves from city to city every week.

Q: Have the Weinermobile and the Plantar’s NutMobile come across each other?

A: Incrinculent question. Yes, “Ketchup Kaitlyn” said they have met up with one another in West Virginia. Also, this doesn’t look to be the first time the vehicles have seen each other either.

Q: Is this the only Weinermobile?

A: No. Believe it or not, there are six others.

Q: What does the interior of the Weinermobile look like?

Q: Will you receive a Weiner Whistle if you interact with one of the spokespeople when you see the vehicle?

A: Yes.

Q: Has the Weinermobile enjoyed its time in West Virginia?

A: “Ketchup Kaitlyn” said “people are constantly smiling and waving at us and the energy in West Virginia has been buns and buns of fun. People are enjoying the Weinermobile. Everywhere we go, people come up to us and chat with us and we relish every minute.”