MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia University’s Office of the Provost announced its recommendations on Wednesday for 19 of the university’s Academic Support Units (ASUs).

This comes after the university’s Board of Governors finalized its academic program recommendations on Friday. The recommendations for these academic services vary widely, from an $800,000 budget reduction to the WVU Library to no recommended changes to services like the Women’s Resource Center and the Center for Veterans, Military and Family Programs.

After an ASU was reviewed by the university, it received one of six recommendations:

  • Continuance at the current level of activity
  • Continuance at the current level of activity with specific action
  • Continuance at a reduced level of activity
  • Identification of the unit for further development
  • Development of a cooperative unit
  • Discontinuance

No programs were recommended for discontinuance. However, these recommendations cannot be appealed according to a WVU press release. Summaries and links to each program’s recommendation can be found below.

Units recommended to continue at a reduced level of activity

WVU Libraries is required to reduce its budget by up to $800,000 through a restructured organization that will include cuts to staffing. Dean of WVU Libraries Karen Diaz said that this budget reduction will not affect the library’s materials budget.

WVU Libraries is also looking to reduce its physical size and will be trying to condense its physical spaces across locations on the Morgantown, Health Sciences and regional campuses. WVU says these changes “will not result in any facility closures.”

The Teaching and Learning Commons will “shift to a more focused mission around the development of instructional skills including mentoring faculty and instructors, providing training workshops and supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning.”

The Teaching and Learning Commmons is a support for teaching faculty like grad students and professors to help them improve the tools and methods they use to teach students.

Units recommended to continue at current level of activity with specific action

Career Services — WVU is looking to invest further into the currently understaffed student career services program and will be trying to better integrate it into college-level curriculum and experiences.

WVU Online — WVU is also looking to bolster its online learning program with recommendations to improve its marketing strategy, infrastructure, and its programming and instructional design.

Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) — This program is recommended to “develop a guiding strategy for CLASS student success coaching and tutoring,” to better help students find their major and desired career path.

ADVANCE Center — The ADVANCE center will be working to “improve messaging and reach, and enhance and update the unit’s website.”

Office of Accessibility Services — WVU will be improving access and communication about other services offered by the Office of Accessibility Services and will be expanding its MindFit and Autism Support Programs.

Honors College — The Honors College will be looking to see if current staffing levels can be reduced and will “evaluate the need for staff positions that may be more appropriate for traditional colleges.”

Office of Global Affairs — WVU will primarily be working to improve communication and responsiveness to requests for information.

West Virginia University Press — WVU Press will develop evidence-based metrics and improve the ways it looks for funding from outside the university.

Brad and Alys Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative — This program will also be looking for external funding opportunities and will be working to “fully shift the unit’s salaries and operating expenses off of University general funds by FY 2026.”

Office of the University Registrar — The Office of the University Registrar will be investigating how it can improve its services by changing its in-person and remote work appointments.

Graduate Education and Life — Graduate Education and Life is recommended to improve its overall responsiveness to questions and its in-person access.

Units recommended to continue at current level of activity