MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Baby formula is in short supply across the United States, and Morgantown is no exception. 12 News visited stores in Morgantown that sell formula, and here is what we found. All of the following photos were taken on May 16.


This photo was taken at the Kroger in Suncrest Town Center on May 16. The supply is almost completely wiped out.

Formula shortage at Kroger in Morgantown (WBOY image)


The shelves at the CVS on Pineview Drive in Morgantown were even more sparse on May 16.

Formula shortage at CVS in Morgantown (WBOY image)


The Walgreens on Pineview Drive has a smaller formula selection to begin with, but it’s still almost completely gone.

Formula shortage at Walgreens in Morgantown (WBOY image)

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle still is missing the majority of its supply but had several more options than other stories we visited.

Formula shortage at Giant Eagle in Morgantown (WBOY image)


Walmart in Granville seemed to have the most formula but still doesn’t have many options for babies and mothers who need different types.

Formula shortage at Walmart in Morgantown (WBOY image)