MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Starbucks on University Avenue is supposed to open soon.

If you’re craving Starbucks from this location, you will have to wait a little bit longer for its debut—it’s set for the middle of January, according to Logan Williams, associate corporate counsel, from Hardy World LLC.

Coming Soon Starbucks Sign at “The Deck” (WBOY – Image)

However, there is currently at least seven other Starbucks in Morgantown. Three of those locations—Waterfront Place, Medical Center Drive and Suncrest Town Center—are within two miles of “The Deck.”

Williams also confirmed that Hardy World LLC is in negotiations with other tenants to move into “The Deck.” At this time, there are no new additional executed leases that have been announced.

In July, Starbucks officials announced that they will no longer be opening a location at “The Deck” on University Avenue in Morgantown, due to safety concerns relating to Big Daddy Guns, another business that, at the time, was going to open at that location.

The planned gun store was subject to several protests organized by a group called Protect Morgantown.

Then in September, news broke that firearms retailer Big Daddy Guns is no longer coming to “The Deck.” Shortly after the announcement, Starbucks announced it had decided to open at the location after all.