MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Monongalia County Law Enforcement community hosted a Wreath Laying Ceremony Monday at the Monongalia County Court House Square.

The ceremony was held for National Police Week and the wreath laying was done by the Morgantown Police Department Honor Guard. The wreath was laid to honor fallen officers who have lost their lives in the service of their communities around the country, specifically the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office and the Morgantown Police Department. The laying of the wreath was followed by a proclamation which was read by Monongalia County Commissioner, Sean Sikora.

Morgantown Chief of Police, Eric Powell, said that being at the wreath-laying ceremony was a truly sobering moment, but at the same time, it really put his feet back on planet Earth by realizing how much police officers do for the community.

“You realize uh, how uh important the job your doing is. You get a chance to reflect on the sacrifice’s others have made, uh and the performance of their job, and uh it really um puts in the focus, um all of the uh difficult things that officers face on a daily basis. It puts it into focus and allows us to, to uh reflect on those things,” Powell.