MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU Libraries and Health Sciences held a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the “William A. Neal Museum of Health Sciences” on Oct. 28 at 2 p.m.

This new museum showcases the history of health care throughout West Virginia and Appalachia. It shows interesting artifacts, rare manuscripts, and other important items that have been donated and collected. There are also documents that shave shown the impact that WVU Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health have had over the past 150 years on the region, across the United Stated, and around the world.

William A. Neal is a recently deceased leader for WVU’s School of Medicine and Health Science Center. He became a historian for students and staff members as Dr. Clay Marsh, Health Sciences chancellor and executive dean, said. Neal wanted to leave a legacy of pride and information that helps tell the story of healthcare in the state of West Virginia, along with the sequence of events, from the opening of the School of Medicine to the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Marsh mentioned why this new museum is important to now have on the WVU campus. He said, “we are so proud of the – of the past that has really led to building our current standing at the university and health sciences, and also at WVU Medicine. And we always are standing on the shoulders of giants that came before us, but sometimes, we don’t tell those stories as well.”

Health Sciences’ officials believe that this museum will not only be a great edition to the university, but it will be a source of pride for all of the graduates of all the health science schools and their families. It is of Dr. Marsh’s hopes that the museum sets the stage for students to ascend much higher in the future, so that the future museum additions will be greater than they are today.