MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The West Virginia State Senate was able to make a charitable donation to the only botanic garden in the Mountain State on Thursday.

Officials with the West Virginia Botanical Garden received a check from Senators Bob Beach and Mike Caputo for $32,000 to help with the cost of building a new facility called the Terrace at Tibbs Run. West Virginia Botanic Garden Executive Director Philip Smith said the facility will allow for rental income from parties, and weddings, as well as allow them to host grand events at the garden.

The West Virginia Botanic Garden’s sign. WBOY image.

“This gift from the West Virginia State Senate really means a lot help us fill in some budget gaps that we needed to be able to some things such as furniture and other needs we had for this facility, as well as HVAC,” Smith said.

Garden officials also stated Monongalia County, the City of Morgantown, and the state senate have all rallied behind the cause of the WV Botanic Garden. Those officials said they are excited that the state legislature recognizes the importance of the garden as a cultural asset for the Mountain State.

“My next project personally, and I hope I can get Senator Caputo to join me, is to get a big sign out at the interstate to get folks in here from all across, up and down the seaboard. We have a lot of Canadians who cut through here, you know, and a lot of folks from other states passing through. So, I would like them to have an opportunity to visit our botanical garden, and it is the only one in the state,” Sen. Bob Beach, (D, SD-13) said.

Beach added that in the last 10 years tourism in the state has taken off allowing the state to grow and that the botanical garden is a key component of tourism in Monongalia County.

Flowers in the West Virginia Botanic Garden. WBOY Image.

“Senator Beach came to me and asked me if I partner with him on a local economic development grant request for the botanical garden,” Caputo said. “Of course, after seeing this place and the amazing work that they do is an absolute no-brainer for me. What I like most about this project is its beauty, it’s really breathtaking, and it’s a diamond in the rough here in North Central West Virginia.”

Caputo expressed that projects like the development of the botanic garden will help people decide to move to the state to live and work in WV. He stated that they are always looking for ways to attract people to the state.