MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The WVU Dance Team brought the hardware back to Morgantown.  

The team recently competed at the National Dance Alliance competition in Daytona, Fla. It placed second in the D1A Jazz Dance category and fifth in the D1A Team Dance category.  

WVU Dance team with trophy (WVU Dance Twitter)

The second-place win was the highest the team has ever achieved for a jazz in-person performance, in program history.  

Senior Taylor Frame was happy to round out her college dance career by competing in person after the team had to compete virtually last year due to COVID.  

“I’m from Bridgeport, West Virginia, so it’s really awesome to represent my home state, and when I was little, I always dreamed of coming to WVU and being able to do that. So, it does make it very special, and I always say ‘West Virginia is everywhere you travel’ so anytime we were talking to someone, you can find connections with somebody to West Virginia. So, it felt really good representing the state down there,” Frame said.  

The team of 25 girls practiced extensively for the competition. Along with attending the WVU Basketball games during the Spring semester, the team held practices three days a week – sometimes for as long as four hours.  

“It’s definitely a very hectic time of the year but it’s very rewarding once you get done at nationals,” Fame said.  

The hard work didn’t end when they touched down in Florida. On the first day of the competition, the team was trailing behind in fourth place in the jazz category and sixth place in the team category.  

“We did well on prelims, but we knew what we could fix to raise our score the next day … our final performance was, we like to call it ‘peaking’, and we think our routine progresses throughout the season and on the final stage, I believe that was the peak,” Frame said.  

WVU Dance team in Daytona (WVU Dance Twitter)

Frame said they were excited to even be in fourth place going into the final day, but when they were at the awards ceremony and trophies were being given out, they realized they had moved up and their excitement grew. 

“We were like losing our minds at this point. So, second place was a crazy accomplishment,” Frame said. 

Frame is hopeful for the team’s future and feels they will continue to strive for first place in the years to come. 

NDA College Nationals is an annual event in Daytona, Fl. Hundreds of collegiate teams across the nation compete on a stage inside and on the “bandshell” on the beach. The event is held simultaneously with the National Cheer Association competition.