MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A West Virginia University student has recently been hired by video game publisher Dread XP to work on one of their newest video game collections, Dread X Collection 5.

Conner Rush is a junior at WVU’s Statler College of Engineering and is majoring in computer science. Both a musician and game designer, Rush has been interested in video games for almost his entire life and started coding his own video games at 12 years old.

“One of my favorite parts, I think, is just crafting a world. I really enjoy making a world where I can express some sort of message, because I do treat my games very much like film, where it is a linear storyline that wants to tell a story, send a message, have a theme in there, and I like getting it all cohesively together,” Rush said.

Rush said Dread XP originally contacted after they were impressed by one of his earlier games, The Colossus is Coming, a project that Rush made to promote his band’s newest album by the same name.

Conner has already worked with developers from popular games such as Inscryption, and is excited about his upcoming work, though he’s unable to share details about it at this time.