MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — About 50 West Virginia University students volunteered on Thursday to help beautify Star City.

In a collaboration between WVU and Star City Public Works, students helped at the Tugboat Depot playground by adding more rubber mulch to cover up bare spots. At the same time, a separate group of students helped paint roadside curbs throughout the area.

Public Works Director of Star City, Phillip Davis said volunteering this time of year is excellent, as it allows workers to focus their attention on other projects.

“It lets us get ahead. Every two or three years we paint those curbs, it really helps us in the long run because that’s something we would normally have to do ourselves. It lets us focus our attention on other projects in the area,” Davis said.

WVU students volunteer at the Tugboat Depot in Star City (WBOY image)

WVU freshman Adalyn Geary was one of the volunteers at the Tugboat Depot. Originally from Summerset, Pa., Geary is now studying agriculture education at WVU.

Though Geary still finds the area confusing at times, she said she is enjoying the Morgantown atmosphere and service projects.

“It’s kind of nice to be somewhere different and to get to experience somewhere different and give back to someone else rather than just my hometown,” Geary said.

“I’m not usually like, one to make friends a lot, so it’s actually super nice to be acclimated with other people and just have the natural ability to make friends while doing something that I like to do.”

Another student named Marshall Karh comes all the way from Seattle, Wash. and is majoring in Computer Science.

Karh also said that learning a new area has been a challenge, along with finding new social groups to spend time with. Before he started college, Karh was in the Boyscouts of America and reached the Life rank, so he was used to participating in community service projects like this one.

“It feels nice giving back. If I could say one thing it would be that everyone should at least do community service. At first, it might seem like ‘ah man, I have to do community service,’ but in the end it feels nice,” Karh said.

WVU’s first day of classes begins on Wednesday, Aug. 17.