MORGANTOWN, W.Va.- The proposal was perfect. You’ve told friends and family the exciting news and shared pictures of the sparkly new ring on Instagram. Now, it’s time to plan the wedding.

“My biggest tip to brides when they start planning their wedding is to know their budget and know their guest count. That is going to determine what type of venue you can have, how many people, how much alcohol, all of those things are dictated by your budget and your guest list,” said Brittany Fink, owner of Brittany Anne’s Rentals.

It is important to discuss what you are both comfortable spending and research wedding costs. 

“Starting there really is the best place to be able to set the tone for your wedding.”

As a wedding planner Brittany Fink helps brides-to-be navigate their way down the aisle with her apple podcast.

 “So You Said Yes the Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Planning‘ so if you go on there, it’s on iTunes, you can listen to all kinds of tips from local vendors and professionals.”

Once you’ve set the date and found the venue for the ceremony and reception, it’s time to start having fun with the wedding décor!

Beth Keefe, owner of The Mustard Couch said, “I like to use unique pieces and give them different uses. Like somebody’s grandmother’s vanity will now be your cake table or somebody’s farm table will be your dinner table at your wedding, your sweet heart table.”

Brittany Anne’s Rentals and The Mustard Couch are opening a one stop shop to showcase their inventory.

Keefe said, “It made sense for us to collaborate in this space because we found out we were renting to a lot of the same clients. So, this way we can invite people in to see everything we have on display with each other rather than social media pictures and things like that. They can come and see everything in person.”

The showroom located on Fairmont Avenue in Morgantown will officially open June 8th. 

Fink added, “It’s a perfect partnership for us to really show brides what we can offer them and people who are just planning other events in the area who want a unique piece to their event.”