Life is all about choices and one local nutrition says when it comes to food you have to choose wisely.

“The bodies we have are the bodies we earn through our choices.”

That’s the thought process behind Theresa Hill’s newest cookbook: ‘Is It Worth It?’ focuses on making good eating choices with long term benefits instead of short term gratifications. 

“They’re uncomfortable… they don’t like the way they look, they don’t like the way they feel. They don’t have energy, they’re developing more and more conditions. But some of them are just not willing to make that sacrifice and it is hard.”

But through ‘Is it worth it’ Hill says she tries to make the transition into healthy eating as smooth as possible with delicious recipes.

Her biggest tips for that transition?

“Don’t drink your calories. They’re drinking those really sugary drinks those caffeinated drinks  and that’s one of the best things you can do is just swap some of those out for just water.”


“Dark leafy greens… I want to eat the foods that do work in my body not the foods that I end up having to be a slave to like the donut.”

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