Officials from West Virginia University and the Morgantown Police Department appeared on national media Sunday night to discuss problems related to hazing in fraternities.

NBC’s ‘Dateline’ spoke with parents of college students, who died as part of hazing rituals. This included the parents of Nolan Burch, who died in 2014 while attending WVU. Burch died from alcohol poisoning after drinking excessively.

Burch’s parents talked about what life is like not having their son around anymore.

“You had a full cup with your family, and then, you just like all of a sudden just don’t have a full cup anymore.  And, no matter what you do, how hard you try, you can’t, you just can’t fill the cup up. That’s the way you feel every day. It will never be the same,” T.J. Burch, Nolan’s father.

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