(NEXSTAR) – By now just about every company has posted a ‘dream job’ listing offering a cash payout to slather ketchup on a pile of burgers, burn a day of your life playing video games, or earn a six-figure salary making wine in California, but the new gimmick dreamed up McCormick may end up being the most sought after gig of them all – Director of Taco relations.

The spice company, known to many as the label behind the taco seasoning staple mom and dad always had in the pantry, is asking for applicants to become “McCormick’s resident consulting taco expert.”

The 4-month contract includes a number job requirements, most of which relate to creatively promoting the brand’s association with tacos on social media. The successful candidate must also, “Ensure tacos aren’t just eaten on Tuesdays” by dreaming up new recipe combos using McCormick’s spices.

The job comes with a $25,000 per month salary as a part-time employee, meaning there’s a $100,000 payday for completing the temporary role.

You must be 21 or over to apply. Rather than collecting resumes, the company is asking for creative videos that demonstrate knowledge of and passion for tacos.

“While a previous taco-related job is not a prerequisite to apply, a deep appreciation for all things tacos is required,” McCormick representatives wrote in a press release.  

The company is giving interested candidates 21 and over until July 20th to prove that they are worthy and apply to become Director of Taco Relations.