People now use bug spray to get high

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WEHT/WTVW) – Some say it’s easier to get high than get help. Drug rehab has a new resource in Indiana, but it is not stopping people from finding new and dangerous ways to overdose.

Ingredients for the concoction can be found in cabinets at home, bought at the store, or shipped to your door.

Bug spray.

A man in Indianapolis this week, believed to be high on bug spray, was caught on camera being helped by paramedics. It is called KD on the street, and it’s a new, easy, and cheap way to get a dangerous high.

It has doctors and emergency crews scratching their head.

“There’s always something new on the horizon,” says Crystal Sisson, Director of the Substance Abuse Council of Vanderburgh County. “Whatever someone can find to get high, they’re going to use that.”

Heavy duty spray, like Raid, is being added to tobacco and synthetic marijuana, or K2.

First responders say the combination turns someone into a zombie. It can cause vomiting, dizziness, or make someone stop breathing. Sisson says it can put somebody into a coma.

Evansville officials believe KD abuse may be happening at home.

“It has been rumored that combination has been used,” says Sisson. “The only reason we know that is just from hearsay of the users, if they know what was in it.”

Earlier this month, EPD, EFD, and AMR were dealing with, what they believe was a bad batch of K2. Eight people within a few blocks of Second Avenue and Virginia Street needed medical attention.

EPD officers can’t confirm if the bad batch of K2 included bug spray. Doctors say KD becoming popular because it is hard for law enforcement to test.

“Some of the drug testing may steer kids into using a lot more synthetic drugs because they’re not detected,” Dr. Daniel Rusyniak with the Indiana Poison Center at IU Health.

“They no longer have to drive to a shady street corner,” Rusyniak says, “they can get it on the internet and they can order this, and it can be delivered to their house by Amazon.”

Doctors have treated people of all ages and backgrounds, and anyone can fall victim.

Indiana is a state where drug overdoses continue to rise, but there is a new software solution. “OpenBeds” gives treatment centers real-time information on which facilities can take on new patients.

Indiana is the first state in the country to have access to it, but some rehab officials say it only highlights the need for more treatment centers across the state.

The software aims to streamline the ability to find help for addicts.

For help finding drug treatment in Evansville, you can contact the Substance Abuse Council of Vanderburgh County or find resources with the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force.

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