(WBOY) – Kraft announced on Wednesday that it will be adding three new flavors of America’s favorite comfort food, mac and cheese.

Creamy ranch, zesty pizza and kickin’ buffalo Flavor Boost packets can now be purchased to bump up the flavor in your classic Kraft box mac and cheese. Rather than purchasing preflavored mac and cheese, the Flavor Boosts are added to the classic boxed mac, meaning that the amount of seasoning is completely up to you.

According to Kraft’s website, the boosts are available online only and through several bulk-style purchasing options, from packs of six up to 24. Prices range from $16-40 depending on the bundle, but on average, each seasoning packet will cost you about a dollar.

According to a post on the Kraft Mac and Cheese Facebook page, the Flavor Boosts are on sale, so the prices could increase later on.

These new flavor packs might be some of the more normal ones the company has released. Kraft has been known to add some funky flavors to its mac and cheese offerings, including a Valentine’s Day pink candy flavor, a pumpkin spice flavor and even a mac and cheese flavored ice cream.

For more information on the Flavor Boosts or to purchase them, click here.