FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) – The holiday season traditionally brings on tree shopping, light displays and sitting around the fire, which has fire officials sending out some reminders on how to keep you and your family safe this year.  

Christmas trees are often the centerpiece of the holidays. Those need adequate water every day. If a Christmas tree is dehydrated and without water for too long, it can quickly go up in flames.  

Christmas tree on fire (YouTube National Fire Protection Association)

“They start easily and burn up fast and spread really quickly,” Captain Brian Starn of the Fairmont Fire Department said.  

Christmas lights strung inside and outside also pose a safety threat if not properly put up. If too many strings are connected to one extension cord or in a power strip that can lead to overloading the outlet.  

Captain Starn recommends using LED lights which are newer and safer.  

“LED lights draw a whole lot less power and don’t put out any heat,” he said. “It’s a good solid recommendation if you’re looking for lights to go the LED route.” 

If you’re looking to roast some chestnuts by the fire, make sure you clean out the chimney of any soot. 

Additionally, if company is coming over and you want to light a candle to freshen up the place make sure it’s in a safe area.  

“More so in the Christmas time, everybody wants their house to smell nice so you’ll see candles, and candles can be a real source of a fire. Set out animals, kids bump them over when you’re not looking,” Captain Starn said.