VALPARAISO, Fla. (WKRG) – A woman bought a last-minute baby shower gift for a friend at a Goodwill store and was shocked to find out that there was a semi-automatic rifle inside with ammunition.

Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez showed up to her friend’s house in Crestview Sunday evening with what she thought was a $10 Baby Einstein bouncer. Amber Rosas’ husband opened the box.

“He pulls out the rifle and goes y’all got me a gun and he’s waving it around and I’m like shocked..everyone’s laughing thinking we pulled a prank on them,” Alvarez-Rodriguez said.

“When my husband pulled it out, he yelled ‘gun!’ I looked up and said ‘Oh my God, a gun, no way.’ I asked Veronica is this a joke and she said it wasn’t a joke and I said we need to call the police.”

Crestview police showed up and determined it was not a stolen gun and the serial number was clear. After officers did a quick background check on Alvarez-Rodriguez and Rosas and her husband, they said they could keep the gun but the department must hold on to it first for 90 days.

The major unanswered question is how did the gun get there. Alvarez-Rodriguez, Rosas and others have been giving their theories.

“Someone did something bad and was trying to hide the gun with all the ammo or the funniest scenario we came up with was maybe there was an angry wife who put the gun away and dropped it off at the Goodwill because she was mad at her husband,” Alvarez-Rodriguez said.

An employee at the Goodwill store said she couldn’t comment. News 5 is waiting for a response from the corporate office.