You step inside the cryochamber for a three minute session. The chamber gets around negative 175 degrees to negative 300 degrees.

The chamber is made cold by the use of liquid nitrogen. The chamber is said to have many benefits, according to Joe Oliverio at Rejuvenation Med Spa in Bridgeport. 

“It is going to get your body core to drop the temperature that is going to put you into a fight our flight mode. That fight or flight mode is going to release endorphins into your body, increase your moods, help you sleep better at night. The main thing it is going to do is fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been tied to numerous health problems and diseases. It is a lot more beneficial than an ice bath and a lot less painful.” 

The spa also offers targeted cryotherapy on select parts of the body, for example on hips or knees, to reduce pain. It can be used on the face as a cryotherapy facial, improving collagen in the skin.

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