OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Florida man says he recognized an Oklahoma City couple wanted in child sex crimes in a Walmart shopping aisle after seeing a KFOR article about them on his social media feed.

“I kept my cool,” Daniel Rodriguez said in a Facebook Live video. “I called the cops. It was crazy!”

Rodriguez says he saw the article while flipping through social media Thursday morning.

“Your story is what helped,” Rodriguez told KFOR.

The two suspects, 28-year-old Matthew Inman and 25-year-old Robert Inman, were on the run, wanted on 52 charges of child sex abuse, including indecent or lewd acts with a minor, forcible sodomy and child pornography.

An unidentified family member told KFOR the two were hiding out in Florida.

“We figured they were on vacation,” the family member said.

Rodriguez, a father himself, and the two suspects came face to face in an aisle inside the Walmart in Panama City, Florida.

“I just had a gut feeling. I knew it was them,” Rodriguez said. “Out of the corner of my eye, I see two guys walking and they are carrying a tent. Well, we have bad weather coming, so who is buying a tent and camping out?”

Rodriguez said he followed the couple out and asked a stranger to borrow a cell phone since his had a low battery.

“I am on the phone with police trying to explain to them, and I sounded like a crazy person,” Rodriguez said.

Police later confirmed Rodriguez was right about the couple’s identity.

“I just caught two pedophiles from Oklahoma!” Rodriguez said in a Facebook Live video.

Robert Inman and Matthew Inman were arrested and taken to a Panama City jail and were waiting to be transported back to Oklahoma City.

“Everything just clicked,” Rodriguez said. “The universe just came together. I was there for a reason.”

Robert Inman and Matthew Inman each have a bond set at $1 million.