North Central WV Airport to begin offering Saturday flight to Washington, D.C.


Beginning May 4th, North Central West Virginia Airport will offer a Saturday flight to Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. through United Airlines carrier SkyWest. 

An agreement with the Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex says that a group of entities will split the cost of a $180,000 subsidy to cover the flight. 

“We have six entities that are actually involved, Clarksburg being one. Harrison County Commission, the Marion County Commission, as well as the city of Bridgeport, and Mack and our development authority have all bellied up and are contributing,” said Benedum Airport Authority President Ron Watson.

This agreement replaces an older one, which required the six entities to subsidize $300,000. The amount of money needed will be based on ridership-a system that has been successful in the past.   

“A couple years ago in 2017, we did a subsidy to Chicago and each of our entities agreed to contribute $50,000 towards that, and that was a $300,000 tag on it. And after is all said and done, each of our entities only had to put in about 470 dollars to subsidize.”  

Officials say they expect ridership to be high enough for the agreement to pay for itself.  

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