The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of Blackwater submitted formal comments challenging one United States Forest Service project.  

According to the formal statement, the nearly 400-acre Spruce Mountain Grouse Management Area Project and Draft Environmental Assessment could harm native species and the local tourism economy. Officials say the project would allow clear-cutting in instream habitats and heavily recreational areas. They have urged the Forest Service to abandon the project.

“We were very concerned about the amount of clear-cutting that was going to go on near the sort of, iconic tourism sights, but also in areas that have very rare species,” said Friends of Blackwater Director Judy Rodd.

Rodd said places like the Sinks of Gandy in Dry Fork and parts of Canaan Valley could also be affected by the project’s clear-cutting plans.

The Forest Service project summary states the project is to restore and maintain the Spruce Mountain ruffed grouse habitat. 

Click here to view the full Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of Blackwater formal comment.