CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A request for a federal emergency declaration in various West Virginia counties has been denied.

On Monday morning, Gov. Justice’s Office was informed that the request that they had put forth, that was meant to give Doddridge, Fayette, Jackson, Mingo and Wyoming counties federal assistance to help them recover from the damages they sustained during a series of severe storms that occurred in July and August, was denied.

“We’re disappointed to announce a decision that hurts so many families in West Virginia,” said West Virginia Emergency Management Division director G.E. McCabe. “Breaking the series of storms that swept across the state from late July to mid-August into separate events makes it difficult, if not impossible, to meet FEMA’s thresholds to qualify for assistance.”

Although they were denied assistance for the storms that occurred from July 25-28, McDowell and Fayette counties were earlier approved for federal assistance due to the storms that occurred from July 12-13 and August 14-15, respectively.

As for the counties that were recently denied, McCabe said, “with support from Governor Justice and local officials, we plan to gather additional information and vigorously appeal this decision.”